A Commanding Presence

By: Janet, doing it better.

Aug 29 2011

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Category: bird photos, common grackle, photographs, summer photos


Focal Length:200mm
Shutter:1/0 sec
Camera:Canon EOS REBEL T3i

Even the way these Common Grackles walk they display attitude! Something about their eyes suggests either they are mad or they are up to something sinister.  They are fascinating to watch and I enjoy them when they come to visit.

Walking the Walk


4 comments on “A Commanding Presence”

  1. Umm. You’re Brewer’s blackbirds are actually Common Grackles. Just sayin’…

    • Cool! You know they must be flocking together with the Brewer’s as we were fooled by the females. When we tried to identify them (there was quite a flock) we looked at the Common Grackle in the books but the female looks very similar to the male so we assumed they were all Brewer’s. I will fix that.

  2. man! how did u get such a close pic?!! give me some tips buddy, birds always fly away at my sight.. 😦

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